January 21, 2011

KIISPlay will meet for a new domain.

The KIISPLAY, did not continue the blog, due to investments in Central KIIS pages, so please excuse us.

We believe that this blog KIISPLAY, be used only in case of emergency.

Although our official site is not ready, they may be using www.kiis.co.uk link to access the site from KIIS in English. (Coverage Australia, Canada, United States, Netherlands and United Kingdom)

July 05, 2009

What should we use: Kiis anime or Kiis Animax

Today we are in the middle of a Sunday, trying to decide what the best name and logo for our channel of animals.

Among the thousands of suggestions sent and already suggested, we chose the two best:
* Kiis Anime
* Kiis Animax

Because of the two?
The first is already used by our beta site, but was not very well accepted by users and by fanatics or animati anime.

The second is in memory at the network-TV Animax, which is nothing but anime max (Maximum animals).

We leave you with the final decision, pointing out that the logos are ready, the Kiis Anime remember the logo of the anime and Kiis Animax is the logo of Animax TV with the word Kiis.

Kiis Network Communications.

June 30, 2009

KIISPlay comes first here than in Brazil (headquarters)

This morning, after a balancing of access to statistics and Kiis Network Communications came to the conclusion that the portal content in English, responsible for holding the United States, Australia, Canada and England, should have priority in the Play portal, the ease and number of visitors from these countries.

The portal in English, other than the Brazilian to maintain more than three active, you only need a branch of the portal with content.

June 09, 2009

Lucas Takahashi define this week's situation kiis international

The administrator and owner of Communications Network Kiis reported today some blogs and columnists like, that will take a final decision on the ill-state of Kiis International today Kiis from Kiis U.S. and Japan, since the objective was to obtain the Network a site more present in at least twenty countries, like Germany, France, China, South Korea, Argentina, Uruguay, Chile and so on.

Continuing the posts of Luke Takahashi, he said the financial situation, even after the leak caused by Kirius Band, Band Xucris, Clan Brazil, Unisul and derivatives to overcome the poor phase Kiis left by ancient Samurai and took leadership of a new market.

About the partnership, Takahashi Lucas says he is establishing relationships with UOL (Universo Online), the largest portal in Brazil reached, maintain the partnership with the company Concept Electronics services, evidence that space, and Google. Later, running back guarantee is for new investors, as BuscaPé / BondFaro and sites related to the three main portals of Kiis.

So far, the only information we have on hand, now that you believe to be personal about what we should do to grow the Kiis International, without affecting the existing balance by Kiis Brazil.

May 27, 2009

Much interactivity, but no one to care

The Kiis Play, based in Brazil, has been going through a major phase of development, in which the main focus is the interactivity. As suspect, "we have so much interactivity" that no people to care, or moderators. If someone is interested in helping, we hope to do some tests, and remember, unpaid voluntary work. Kiis Play, Los Angeles.

May 06, 2009

Site available for members and staff

Hello, at present the Play Kiis the system is computerized, but now we are looking for people who are interested in managing our portal (Staff) and persons / companies wishing to affiliate to us.

It is very simple, just send an email to contact@kiisplay.com or us@kiis.com.br

Remembering is all volunteer, the only value that can pay, it would be a pleasure offered by advertisers and sponsors.

Kiis Play: Total Freedom!

Innovation without expectations

We know how many call in restructuring phase, where we are creating a sophisticated and interactive portal, recruiting a team of staff'se more.

As the economic crisis has shaken the market, advertisers are now unsafe for its investments, which reduces all the expectations we have for the end of our innovation.

Even so Kiis feel prepared to face the face the public, trying to reach the target and the rest of him.

Due to the facts, we are delighted by the emails and contacts, which was a day that our platform of care received queue waiting for us, where many were interested in staff'se other waves of the information and promotions that Kiis is showing for the launch.

Do not worry, we have many vacancies for Staff and the coveted awards are only!

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